instead of work out - work in and take it out

Regular exercise changes the brain to protect memory and thinking skills. Study at Ubc. Improves mood, sleep, reduces stress and anxiety.

Making an appt or reserving a spot in a class can be the extra motivation needed to get some exercise. U know someone is there waiting for you and ready to guide you for what u need today. Easy to decide there are other things to do instead of gym.

1. Stability: Equally working your strength and your flexibility will bring your body to a place of more efficiency and stability. This helps with balance, coordination, and ultimately prevents injury. It will also aid in progressing your other movement regimes if you have them!

2. Less pain: Specifically with mindful movement modalities such as Pilates, Gyrotonic method, and yoga, it’s reported that clients experience much less chronic pain. The headache you deal with everyday? There’s a reason for it. The lower back pain you trudge through at the desk? Unmask it’s origin. Toning your body will alleviate a lot of it!

3. Confidence: Knowledge is power! The more you know, understand, and work with your body, the more you will appreciate it! Toning, not just visually but internally, will bring you a sense of confidence that will translate into your everyday life. The way in which you walk into a work meeting to the way you eat your favorite food. You will feel good about it.

4. Sleep: Moving your body everyday will give you more restful sleep. Just because you are in a bed for 8 hours doesn’t mean you got the most out of your eight hours. In general, releasing energy through movement will calm your mind which helps with focus during the day, falling asleep faster, and sleeping better.

5. Happiness: Everyone says it: moving makes you happy literally because it releases endorphins. The hardest part is starting, it can feel vulnerable. But with time, the right method, and the right trainer, you can experience all of these benefits and overall be happier!