Fall Open House


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At Studio Evolve, the difference is:

  • We focus on you: tailoring each private session to you, discovering and remembering what your unique system needs in order to grow your unique self.

  • Small class size and ongoing private sessions build your one-on-one relationship with your trainer/practitioner.

  • We encourage you to bring your daily experiences and historic successes and failures with movement to a session; we’ve all had them. As we better understand you, we can include more and more of your whole Self in your movement.

  • Personalized sessions, attuned specifically to you over time, produce the most effective results.

Our highly trained and caring practitioners have created a nurturing environment to support the well-being of each client that enters our door. At Studio Evolve, your process grows with you over time. Our goal is to assist our clients to invest in a personal, long-term experience, which is vital for effective and permanent change. We offer Pilates and GYROTONIC® private & semi-private sessions and small group classes, as well as Somatic Personal Resonance (SPRe®) private sessions, workshops and practitioner certification.


"When I started Pilates, I admit I was a bit of a skeptic, but my attitude quickly changed. I am not a firm believer of the benefits...My posture has improved. I've lost a waist size, strengthened my body and tightened my abs...I have definitely come away from Studio Evolve with a greater awareness of how I carry my body and basic techniques on how to maintain it."


Meet Our Open House Trainers!


Lauren Kile, Pilates Instructor

Lauren enjoys connecting people to strength and suppleness with body/mind awareness practices. She loves working with clients who are interested in knowing more about their unique expressing of movement. Lauren began teaching in 2013 as a yoga instructor and chose to add Pilates to her repertoire in 2018 because of its impact on her body. Supplementing her own body/mind practice with Pilates quickly afforded her more strength and ease which transferred beautifully into her yoga asana and other day-to-day activities. Laruren’s interest in human movement, functional and expressive, is organic to her system and she brings a contagious curiosity about how and what animates people to each of her sessions.

Lauren is a Stott trained Pilates Instructor. When she is not teaching Pilates, she is likely enjoying some aspect of nature in the city and beyond or seeing private SPRe® Bodywork and Yoga clients as Studio Evolve and her private office.


Cristin Fenzel, Pilates Instructor

Cristin firmly believes that laughter is abdominal work. Her sessions are encouraging, explorative and packed full of postural awareness tools you can apply in daily life. But she also hopes to get you laughin during your sessions, even if she has to resort to using the worst Pilates puns ever.

Cristin started doing Pilates in 2007 to help manage the stress of law school. Practicing breathing and mindful movement saved her from being eaten alive by the Anxiety Monster during exams. She loved how energized she felt after each session. Over time, Pilates has helped her feel more present and comfortable in her own body. It is her goal and great honor to help her clients feel this way too.


Tabitha Steger, Gyrotonic Instructor

Tabitha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she studied various dance techniques, kinesiology, physiology, dance movement therapy, and pedagogy. Since graduating she received her certification in the GYROKINESIS® movement method and is beginning her certification in the GYROTONIC® method. She is excited about the endless knowledge and opportunities in the world of healing and hopes to further connect it to the dance community!


Contact us to schedule your FREE 30-min session with a certified trainer!

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