Top 5 Tech Support Considerations for Your Body

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Energy. Strength. Clarity.

There’s no hacking your health. Short cuts don’t work somatically. Consistent self-care will keep your operational system running smooth!
— Martine, Studio owner

From fixing postural glitches to full-on fitness reboots, Pilates & Gyrotonic sessions are like tech support for your body.

Here are five support requests we get at Studio Evolve:

1. “I sit all day at work, and I can’t stop slouching.”


You’ve probably heard by now that sitting all day can tax the body more (and in far different ways) than moving all day. That’s right: If you stare at a glowing screen for a living, you’re a desk-bound athlete. The good news: We can help you train accordingly.

Pilates and Gyrotonic exercises open rounded shoulders, correct neck-straining forward head placement, free up hips that feel “stuck” in flexion, and strengthen back-body muscles that weaken during prolonged sitting.

2. “I want to be more productive at work.”

The even better news: Pilates and Gyrotonic instruction teaches you postural awareness skills that are transferable to your workday. Better alignment, even while seated, can reduce unnecessary tension and improve your productivity.

We’ll challenge you, in a friendly way, with unfamiliar movements performed in proper alignment.
— Cristin, Pilates instructor

3. “I want to be a better athlete.”

Do an Internet search for “Pilates and athletic performance,” and see how many professional athletes say Pilates is tougher than practice. (It’s ok, we’ll wait.) That’s because Pilates activates lesser-used muscles. It challenges you, in a friendly way, with unfamiliar movements performed in proper alignment. Gyrotonic exercises work the same way.

Both styles of movement allow athletes to focus on range of motion rather than resistance, and it can lengthen muscles that are tight due to high-impact training. Over the years, we’ve helped marathon runners, triathletes and dancers improve their performance and prevent injury.

What I’ve learned from working with Studio Evolve is that exercise does not have to be over-the-top sweaty to be effective. I work at a desk all day, and my posture is improving, I have more energy, and that is everything.
— Kate R

The best way to begin is to just begin.


4. “I want to tone up, but please don’t make me go to the gym. The gym is awful!”

Oh, how we feel you on this one!


You have limited time for self-care, and you don’t want to spend it waiting in line for the ab machine or doing the same repetitive movement every time. Also, why do gyms have so many mirrors?!

You should try one of our small group equipment classes. We only have one mirrored wall, and we don’t even use it that much! Plus: You’ll be surrounded by natural light (weather permitting, this is Seattle after all), beautiful crystal singing bowls, inspiring art, and the soothing sounds of people moving joyfully, without judgment.

Pilates breathing increases oxygenation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and produces alpha brain waves, which boost creativity.

5. “I want to be more creative.”


Pilates promotes a relaxed-but-focused mind that’s poised to create awesome stuff. It’s like the matcha green tea of workouts.

Pilates movement and breathwork frees up your diaphragm — a sheet of skeletal muscle that is important for respiration. It also teaches you how to maintain deep abdominal engagement while breathing fully. This increases oxygenation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of fight-or-flight) and produces alpha brain waves, which boost creativity.

Like yoga, a Pilates practice coordinates mind, body, and breath. It’s moving meditation. Try an early-morning or lunch hour session before you head back to creating.


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