Celeste Caliri


Pilates Instructor

Celeste grew up in Hawaii where swimming, surfing and marathon running was a part of her everyday life. After being spoiled by this active playground, she kept up her fit lifestyle by incorporating her favorite balance and endurance sports into Pilates movements. She initially started doing Pilates in 2001 to improve her posture and flexibility for running. Pilates, more than anything else, has completely transformed her body and body awareness, increasing her strength and endurance as well as preventing injuries.

When teaching, she focuses on deep endurance core strength, alignment, balance, and coordination.  Her exercises are precise, making them “cheat proof” and are designed for head to toe strengthening and toning. For extreme athletes its a great way to add that extra edge to your routine by keeping your muscles guessing and inspired.  If your looking to reconnect, realign, and relieve lower back issues, Pilates builds supportive muscles in your core and around the joints giving you a lifted structure and pain free movements.  Celeste is also trained to work with prenatal, postnatal, specific injuries and conditions. Teaching now since 2007, as a Senior STOTT Pilates instructor, she wants to keep you doing what you love for a very long time.

Celeste is not currently teaching regularly, but she makes guest appearances as a substitute teacher for group classes!

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