Lauren Kile


Pilates Instructor, SPRe Practitioner

Lauren enjoys connecting people to strength and suppleness with body/mind awareness practices. She loves working with clients who are interested in knowing more about their unique expressing of movement. Lauren began teaching in 2013 as a yoga instructor and chose to add Pilates to her repertoire in 2018 because of its impact on her body. Supplementing her own body/mind practice with Pilates quickly afforded her more strength and ease which transferred beautifully into her yoga asana and other day-to-day activities. Laruren’s interest in human movement, functional and expressive, is organic to her system and she brings a contagious curiosity about how and what animates people to each of her sessions.

Lauren is a Stott trained Pilates Instructor. When she is not teaching Pilates, she is likely enjoying some aspect of nature in the city and beyond. Lauren also sees private SPRe® Bodywork and Yoga clients at Studio Evolve.

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