Sound Healing

Sound Baths & Private Sonic Attunement Sessions


We are excited to include Sound Baths and Sound Healing with Eric Isaac to our services at Studio Evolve. We are also carrying a boutique selection of crystal singing bowls from Sound Galaxies that are available for purchase. Attend a Sound Bath or book a session and together you can find the bowl for you.

Sound Baths are a community immersion in the song of crystal singing bowls. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, join us for an evening of sound. The different tones of the bowls resonate in your body at different levels, awakening the senses. It feels like floating and being buoyed by gorgeous sound waves that invigorate and soothe your entire self - like an hour-long musical meditation.

Wear warm and comfortable clothing in layers suitable to keep you warm. Bring your own mat and blanket if you desire.


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Sonic Attunement is a one-on-one sound healing experience, where the crystal bowls are played in direct contact with your body.  Eric can also assist you to identify the crystal singing bowl from our retail selection that will be most helpful for you.


Eric Isaac is a musician and certified sound practitioner, intuitive and empath. Eric is a member of the Yakima Nation and spent his childhood immersed in tribal song, dance and traditional medicine, all of which are infused in his sound healing practices. Eric has an innate sensitivity to sound and its transformative power and utilizes his gifts as an artist and musician to create the perfect sound tapestry for each individual or group he works with.


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