What does the name SPRe stand for?


SPRe is the acronym for Somatic Personal Resonance Education. SOMATIC refers to how your body works as both a time capsule and a constantly reporting system. PERSONAL reflects that the information is already yours and unique to you. RESONANCE refers to the quality of being alive and relational.

What is somatization?

Your physical body reacts before your mind is able to recognize and respond to experiences and information. These physical reactions are somatization. Your body is a source of accurate information that is always changing. You can have access to this dynamic information if you are willing to check-in with yourself.

What does our work together feel like?


SPRe utilizes many different techniques that are appropriate to recover authentic movement.

Your bodywork takes place fully clothed on your SPRe practitioner’s table.

Your practitioner uses their hands to create an elliptical motion through the body that functions in a similar fashion to sonar. This motion explores what areas are working too hard in your body and what could be more supportive.

This technique is like sonar waves moving through the body bumping up against areas of holding and tension.

The movement essentially hits the reset button. It slips below the nervous system’s current set point of tension.
This gentle technique allows for structural shifts, greater ease in movement and the release of unwanted emotional holding patterns.

What do I need to know about my session?

The bodywork takes place in a quiet room, on a comfortable massage table. The space is ambient, welcoming and peaceful.

The relationship between client and practitioner is critical when exploring the relational issues which exist with family and career: Each 60 minute session includes seated dialogue that informs the attuned bodywork with the intention of moving the process forward

Conversation and exploratory dialog uncover the links between physical tension, emotional patterns and belief systems.

Because SPRe® combines traditionally separated modalities, the result is an economical, efficient and effective use of the client’s resources.

Wear comfortable clothing

Learning to interpret, attend, and respond to your body’s information allows for greater success at work and in personal relationships.


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