Become a Certified Somatic Personal Resonance Practitioner

Discover a more nuanced approach to the Body-Mind adventure

SPRe® training recognizes the body as both a time capsule and a constantly reporting system. Understanding how all the body systems function as an expression of a person’s life is part of the foundation of this work.

Somatic Personal Resonance includes: How to see a person’s structure for its relationship with balance and movement and how their history is represented from internalized organization to externalized presentation.

Training will commence pending approval as a WA State Vocational School in Fall, 2019.


One & Two Day workshops happen several times a year.

There is an emphasis on becoming aware of your own filter, meaning how your life experience affects how you see and understand the world and therefore, how you work with clients.
— Founder

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Your experience is individualized

Although the curriculum and its educational requirements create the framework of the training, each person’s individual process is supported throughout as well as the group dynamic. The agreement is that everyone participates fully in their own process as well as maintaining the safety of the group process. The stamina to be fully present with clients is developed as participants cultivate their abilities as practitioners.




SPRe® Practitioner Training includes instruction in:

  • Structural anatomy through the principles of a human tensegrity system.

  • Somatic Resonance techniques

  • Verbal Attunement techniques

  • Identifying structural patterns in self and others

  • Readings and written homework assignments between meeting sessions

  • Professional practice sessions with clients

  • Understanding stewardship – an ethic that embodies responsibility, planning and management of resources; the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care

  • And much more…


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