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Somatic Personal Resonance Education Workshops

The field of Somatic Education is surging.

Come ride the wave with us!

For inquiries or to register, please contact Joy Walker at

6 CEUs!

Useful for anyone working with people – especially bodyworkers, movement practitioners, and talk therapists.

Included in our one-day workshop…

  1. This is a day for you! A day where you don’t have to “perform!” A day to feed your creative fire and rekindle your inspiration and love of your work.

  2. Find out how the unique verbal attunement techniques practiced in Somatic Personal Resonance make every session more engaging, and creates a client/practitioner connection that can lead to greater client retention.

  3. Discover how your own filters influence your business and interpersonal relationships.

  4. Activate and encourage your inner sleuth! Discern the value of tension. Yes, turns out everyone’s tension is a unique communication by them, about them, for them.

  5. Relieve practitioner boredom. Yes, it IS a thing.


Co-taught by Jill Ableson, SPRe® Founder, & Andrea Burchak, SPRe® Practitioner.

SPRe®, Somatic Personal Resonance Education, is a part of the burgeoning field of somatic education. The genesis of SPRe® is that all of our life’s experiences are encoded in the body; containing both its physical history – like a cellular time capsule – and functional capacity in the present moment. Although our bodies can’t text or email, they are communicating with us frequently. Deciphering this communication is empowering. Somatic Personal Resonance uses verbal attunement, somatic sonar (a hands-on technique), and much more; helping people utilize their complete resource, themselves!

I started SPRe® because even the best academic education money could buy didn’t help me to understand the sensations coming from my body, and intellectualism couldn’t help me make sense of what I wanted and needed.
— VVJ, SPRe Practitioner

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