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Welcome to Studio Evolve!

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Getting Started is Simple

The results are profound.


Living your healthiest, most-mobile, joyful life starts with personal attention and understanding your unique goals. Everyone who walks through our doors begins with 3 private sessions. In these sessions we get to know you, your unique movement patterns, past and present injuries, and long-term wellness goals.

No matter what your goals are, the benefits of personal attention and expertise are undeniable. We are known for our knowledge, experience, compassion, and humor.

So what exactly is Studio Evolve?

Great question - glad you asked!

We are a state-of-the-art hybrid Pilates & Gyrotonic studio nestled in Wallingford since 2006. Pilates and Gyrotonic are powerful movement modalities that promote core-strength and spine health. In both, with personal attention, you’ll be able to explore bio-mechanically correct movement. With your 3 sessions, you’re encouraged to try both systems and discover what inspires you and keeps you motivated!


Ready to make some time for yourself?

Lovely space, close to home, warm & welcoming; I felt comfortable even though my fitness level is terrible.
— Karen B

The Benefits of Pilates & Gyrotonic


Life is complicated. Your fitness needs to be more than a respite, but a place where you leave feeling refilled and empowered. Studio Evolve is your strength and resiliency pit-stop.

You’ve got important work to do in the world. We’re here to support your presence, your vision and your strength from the inside out.

You’ll leave each session with:

  • Increased core strength

  • More integrated mobility, and improved range of motion

  • Increased strength and muscle tone

  • Injury prevention skills & recovery tools

  • Exceptional cross-training required by athletes and weekend warriors



Explore Holistic, Healthy Movement

Explore. Expand. Discover.


After your Getting Started Special, you can explore small group classes too!

Small Group Classes


Small group training at Evolve is a brilliant way to enhance your individual sessions and work even deeper. Small Group Class is still very personalized with a maximum of 4 people per session. While not mandatory, these small group sessions are a fantastic way to support your momentum in between private sessions.

The instructors are very knowledgeable about overall body movement. They really tune in to us - and customize moves to suit personal injuries or limitations. All with a smile and sense of both humor and discipline.
— Nancy F

Upcoming Small Group Classes

Recommended Start For Classes - Private Session Getting Started Special

I always get a good workout and I’m glad I made the effort to come to class.
— Carly T

“I have been taking reformer classes at Studio Evolve for about 5 months now and it has changed my whole outlook on my fitness. As an endurance triathlete, I am excited about how much more body aware Pilates has made me during my swim, bike, run sessions. I am using my core a lot more now and am seeing performance gains due to my consistent classes. I have taken classes from three different instructors, and while they all have different styles, I always get a good workout and I'm glad I made the effort to come to class. Financially, it has been a good investment in myself and my sport.”

~Carly T